I'm Guoda, qualified interior designer and the founder of UBUNTU•INTERIOR - studio that provides professional interior design services, creating individual and public interiors from idea to its fulfilment.

Interior could be described as character, attitude and hobbies of a person, visualized and presented into one's living space, requiring special attention to listen and analyze customers' needs and wishes. The main goal is a happy and glad individual with one's personal interior project. Thus, my objective is close communication with the client, ensuring the project is done in accordance to every personal desire. 

However, why UBUNTU? Stemming from philosophical standpoint, the meaning could be described as "Person is a person as much as he can realize himself through the others". I feel that I can relate to this philosophy while creating interior projects and communicating with people who turn to me for issues related to interior design services.

My tasks is to listen to people, understand their expectations and apply them into an interior projects as much as it is possible. This is exactly what allows me to fully realize and reveal my true self, when in the end, all of customers' needs are accomplished.

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